Sales funnels, detailed reports on leads, customers, orders
Employee tasks and deal stages


Multi-level protection against unauthorized access
Two-step authorization


Cloud solution for remote control and process management

Our advantages

Basis CRM - efficient work and time saving.

Resource management and filigree strategies based on accurate analytics.

Integration of any tools and software products.

8 years
Experience in business automation and CRM implementation
75 %
Clients come to us based on recommendations from users

For staff

Intuitive automation of routine processes

Documents do not need to be filled manually
Up-to-date list of tasks for the day, week, month ahead
Effortless automated notifications to customers
Customer bases and complete transaction history
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For executives

Affordable solution for maximum employee efficiency and control of all processes

Automatic generation of accounting documents and reports
Real time tasks assignment and execution monitoring
Sales, contracts, data management
Call tracking and conversion analytics
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Suitable for small companies with a small number of users.
/ mo
1 month bonus when billed yearly
Basic features, including:
client database
20GB storage
Suitable for growing companies for more control over processes.
/ mo
1 month bonus when billed yearly
All Basic features, plus:
configurable sales funnels
advanced analytics
50GB storage
Suitable for large businesses and companies that need advanced tools.
/ mo
1 month bonus when billed yearly
All Premium features, plus:
branches management
priority support
individual developments
100GB storage

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What is BasisCRM?
Basis CRM is a ready-made solution for managing all business processes of an enterprise, developed taking into account the needs of Ukrainian business. Key features of the system include:
  • customer base administration,
  • customizable sales funnels
  • cloud file storage,
  • analytics of sales, finances,
  • accounting of tasks and working hours.
What are the advantages of the CRM system?
CRM system is a prerequisite for business development. Call tracking and customer cards allow you not to lose leads. The notification system ensures that the manager does not forget to sign the contract or send an invoice for payment.
Two-step authorization reliably protects commercial information from unscrupulous employees and competitors. The cloud service allows you to work from anywhere in the world without being tied to a specific office.
How can CRM improve your business process?
CRM automates routine processes, reduces employees' time for entering information about agreements in tables and filling out documents. All customer data is automatically pulled by the system during the conclusion of a contract or invoicing. Financial, accounting and tax reports are generated automatically. The human factor is eliminated and the risk of errors is reduced.
What are examples of CRM processes in sales, marketing and service?
CRM in marketing and sales allows you to formulate strategies based on analytics, tracking the effectiveness of advertising channels.
CRM frees managers from routine work, frees up time for active sales. Call tracking increases customer satisfaction with service. Thanks to recording calls and setting tasks immediately after the conversation, managers process new applications as efficiently as possible.
Relationship management with existing and potential customers increases sales.
Audience segmentation by tags allows you to set up individual email campaigns.
How long does it take to train staff?
CRM has an intuitive interface, so special training of employees is not required. We provide support in the form of consultations for in-depth individual settings of your enterprise.
How to transfer data from another CRM system?
Currently, automatic data transfer from another CRM is under development. Copying and transfer of data is carried out on request by our technical specialists, or independently according to the instructions.
The company has a CRM system. Why change anything?