• Accounting, control and analysis of customer information
  • Business process automation
  • Contracts, invoices, accounting reports
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Access from mobile devices
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Accounting, control and analysis of customer information

Customer databases in CRM are a guarantee of the safety of important information. The system captures 100% of new contacts, applications through the site, incoming and outgoing calls to customers. Managers work more efficiently - no need to spend time switching between applications and spreadsheets after a call or sending an email. By firing an employee, you do not lose his customers.

In the contact card, the fields required for your business are configured - country, language, currency. It is possible to save multiple phone numbers, work and personal e-mail. In the case of a copy, CRM identifies a possible duplicate for any of the key parameters, showing the appropriate notification. All potential and closed transactions, commercial and accounting documentation are saved with reference to a specific client.

A single database allows you to sort contacts by one or more parameters, export lists for email and sms mailing lists. There is a function of individual and group assignment of tasks to the account manager (for example, call all clients). Statistics of work with cold and warm leads, sales data are available.

Business process automation

CRM automates business processes, reduces costs and improves staff productivity. Data in CRM is updated online. All changes are saved in the system and become available to all participants. No need to send numerous copies of files to colleagues and coordinate edits. Setting up customer lists, invoicing, sending messages and making calls - all this takes a couple of minutes in CRM.

Client cards are assigned to a specific manager. When issuing an invoice or contract, the data does not need to be entered manually. The information is automatically entered into the required form. In case of changes after closing and saving the card, the new data is immediately available.

Automation of the sales department - lead statistics, sales analytics, sending commercial offers and transaction accounting - allows you to get the most out of new applications. Reminders for the manager (make a call or send an email) ensure that no customer is lost. Sending automatic news and reminders to partners simplifies the work of employees. Reports on open and completed tasks are available to the manager at any moment.

What are you get:

Communications management

100% of clients are now in one place. Complete data, call history, messages and individual wishes for even greater customer loyalty.

Effective sales

Audience segmentation, setting up sales funnels, automatic mailings for maximum efficiency of managers.

Security and access from anywhere in the world

Work with clients, manage sales and solve problems without being tied to an office. Statistics, reporting, automatic mailings - always at hand.

Launch and implementation in one day

Basis CRM is a turnkey solution for working with clients and effective sales management. Work with contacts without losing important information, end-to-end analytics and accounting for the work of employees. Simplify business management today!

  • Comprehensive automation of processes and online sales
  • Customization for any type of activity
  • Integration with external software - client-bank, IP-telephony, accounting
  • Cloud solution
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