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  • Simple and convenient document management
  • Accounting automation
  • Ease of use
  • Transparency for the head
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Order automatic creation of documents
Simple and convenient document management

Simple and convenient document management

Drafting commercial offers and contracts, issuing invoices and preparing various documentation for closing deals is an important part of the sales process. Sales employee works with a lot of information. According to statistics, a manager spends more than 50% of his working time working with documents and sending them to clients. Also, several hours a week are spent on editing, correcting errors, reporting and checking.

The functionality of automatic document generation allows you to save time on the preparation of individual commercial offers with a list of prices and services. Basis CRM allows you to automatically create offers by attaching ready-made calculations and the cost of goods directly from CRM. A ready commercial offer is formed within 30 seconds.

A company may have several standard templates for domestic and foreign contractors and clients. You can prepare an unlimited number of contract templates in any language, taking into account the specifics of your business.

To automatically create a document, you must select the desired template and the system will generate a document with the registration data of the company, including the full name, address, bank details and registration data with the tax authorities. Information about the company is stored in the client's card. When changes are made, the new data will be used to create subsequent documents.

Accounting automation

Accounting automation

Basis CRM saves time on preparing and sending financial statements. Primary and closing documentation (invoices, certificates of work performed, commodity and tax invoices and checks) are generated automatically. Now you do not need to involve a company accountant for invoicing. The manager working on the deal can independently prepare the invoice and invoice.

All documents are created automatically at each stage of the sales funnel. After paying the invoice, it is enough to click the checkbox in the client card to generate an act of work performed. If the goods are shipped, it is also easy to generate an invoice. Electronic copies of documents are exported in a convenient format (Word, Excel, Pdf) for sending and printing.

With Basis CRM, accounting effectively spends working time. Now the main task of an accountant is to summarize financial results and prepare tax returns, and not the routine work of creating documents. Document generation reduces the cost of document management for small, medium and large enterprises.

Ease of use

Ease of use

To start working with automatic document generation, additional training of personnel in programming skills is not required. Basic computer experience and knowledge of the office software package allow any employee to create the necessary documents.

Formed contracts, commercial offers and invoices are automatically synchronized after saving. All data is available in the client and enterprise card, and is available for viewing by all authorized employees.

Documents can be easily sent by mail to the client. After the order is formed, the manager can issue an invoice for payment and send it to the buyer. Drafting a contract or preparing an invoice does not require a legal or accounting background. Ready-made templates eliminate errors. The employee always has an up-to-date version of the contract, and the client data is automatically imported from the client card.

Transparency for the head

Transparency for the head

Thanks to the automatic generation of documents and saving them in the system, the supervisor, the financial director and the owner of the enterprise can access all the company's documents at any time. Reporting can be provided, if necessary, to tax or other inspection authorities in electronic form. Now there is no need to store bulky folders.

You can insert the signature and seal of the manager or responsible person into the ready-made document template. This saves time for approval and approval. Document generation within one minute - more than 20 times faster than conventional design. Employees will not distract the manager for signing. The possibility of abuse is excluded, since all created documents are stored in CRM and are available for verification.

The functionality of automatic generation of documents Basis CRM is a simple and modern tool for everyday work for all employees of the enterprise. Getting rid of routine work increases the KPI of managers several times.

What are you get:

Documents in a couple of clicks

Create any corporate documents in the desired design. Document workflow is easier and faster than ever. Yes - automation, no - routine!

Saving time for work and training

Everything is intuitively simple. Data is integrated from CRM, errors and human factor are minimized. The database always contains the current version of the document.

Flexibility and Sharing

Any template adapts to the needs of the company and is available to the entire team. The manager is always aware of the work, all documents are at hand.

Workflow automation in 1 day

The functionality of automatic creation of documents from Basis CRM reduces the time and cost of paperwork by 20 times!

  • Automatic template generation
  • Minimization of routine work
  • Efficient use of working time
  • Eliminate Errors in Documents
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