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  • Actual data and detailed analytics
  • Income and Expenses Accounting
  • Easy auditing and reporting
  • Financial planning and strategy
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Actual data and detailed analytics

The financial analytics module from Basic CRM is a convenient tool for administering finances in an enterprise. Regardless of the size of the company, the number of outlets, offices or branches, the system allows the owner to always be in the know. To obtain information, you do not need to wait until the accountant prepares a report.

The owner or another person with the appropriate access level can select the required fields in the Analytics module (period, department, expense item) and create an up-to-date report in a few seconds. The data is constantly updated online. Having access to CRM, even being out of the office, the manager receives information about the status of the account, income and expenses of the company.

The bank statement is available directly in the CRM system interface, there is no need to switch to third-party applications or call the bank. If the company has several accounts in different currencies, analytics allows you to see the income for each account separately.

Income and Expenses Accounting

Accurate information about the income and expenses of all divisions, offices or retail outlets allows the business owner to manage financial flows with maximum efficiency. Up-to-date data for any period is always at hand for planning or optimization purposes.

You can make selections for any period of the company's activity (week, month, quarter, year, or any arbitrary period of time). A comparison of two periods and data on the increase / decrease in indicators as a percentage are available. Separate reports are compiled for each outlet or branch. The general report shows the totality of income and expenses for the enterprise.

Costs are divided into variable and fixed. Variables depend on sales volume, constants after gross profit. Expenditure data is reflected in percentage and monetary terms. Thus, the user sees not only the amounts, but also what part of the proceeds is taken away by the purchase price of the goods and other mandatory items.

Easy auditing and reporting

The ability to independently generate a financial report allows the owner or CFO to get an idea of current affairs without waiting for an accountant. Thanks to detailed analytics, an accountant can prepare a report for an audit or tax office in a few minutes.

Analytics of income and expenses allows you to see the growth of profits or possible losses in time. Thanks to accurate data, the company can redirect financial flows, optimize taxation and plan the tax burden.

Detailed analytics for each department or outlet is available at any time for the preparation of not only external, but also internal company reports. To generate statistics before a financial meeting or a meeting of the board of directors, you must select the necessary data for export. A detailed report will be generated in a few seconds.

Financial planning and strategy

Planning an enterprise development strategy should be based on accurate data. Thanks to financial statistics, the owner or manager gets a complete picture. You can now find out which areas bring the greatest profit and which are unprofitable in a couple of minutes. It is enough to choose a comparative analysis for the required periods.

By tracking the dynamics of financial indicators, including seasonal sales, you can correctly prioritize. Consider marketing expenses, office maintenance and other mandatory items. Analyze where you can cut the budget without losing quality.

Find out how much funds are available in the company's bank accounts and cash desks at the moment. What expenses have already been paid and what are planned for the current month. Analyze actual and expected receipts in the payments indicator. Use filters in analytics to get any information you need.

What are you get:

Finances under control

Get a detailed bank statement without going to the client-bank. Up-to-date information on income and expenses is always available.

Powerful analytics tool

Don't wait for an accountant to prepare a profit and loss statement. See the exact data on the movement of funds in monetary and percentage terms.

Budget management

Distribute financial income, optimize taxation with detailed information about future income and expenses.

Analytics implementation in 1 day

Automate financial accounting for businesses of any size!

  • Full accounting of income and expenses
  • Up-to-date data in one interface
  • Powerful analytics
  • Filters for detailing reports
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