• Documents are always at hand
  • Security and cost optimization
  • Scalability and synchronization
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Documents at your fingertips

The amount of data for corporate and personal use is growing every year. Basis CRM is a functional repository for your documents. Upload all the necessary documents to the client card, company card, attach accounting and commercial documentation to the transaction. Thanks to cloud storage, all files are at hand.

Each user can upload office files in any format (doc, excel, pdf and others), media files, including images and videos. The size of one file should not exceed 200 MB. After downloading, the file is stored in the system and is available to all authorized persons. The size of the cloud storage can be increased if necessary.

Documents in the cloud storage are securely protected from unauthorized access. Only company employees with a username and password can view and download files. It is possible to set access restrictions to allow viewing and prohibit downloading files. All logs of user actions are stored in the system, so you can always check who opened, made changes, deleted files. By storing important documents in the cloud, you can not worry about their disappearance in the event of a computer breakdown, server failure or virus attack.

Security and cost optimization

Cloud file storage Basis CRM has the highest level of security. The fault tolerance of the system is provided by servers, where information is duplicated in several copies. You can be sure that important files will not disappear at the most inopportune moment. View documents in CRM from a mobile phone or any electronic device without being tied to a working computer.

Cloud storage allows you to avoid additional costs. Local storage of data is associated with high costs for the purchase and maintenance of servers, premises for their placement and electricity. In addition, there is always a risk of physical damage - burglary, flooding and fire. Small amounts of data stored on unprotected computers can be stolen or lost due to hardware failure.

Cloud data storage is the protection of documents from illegal actions of competitors or raider capture. After exiting CRM, copies of files are not saved on the local computer and are not available to third parties.

Scalability and synchronization

Basis CRM adapts to the growing volume of your business. Grow your customer base and store large volumes without worrying about computer memory. Cloud file storage has no limits - you can increase the volume at the right time.

All documents are saved and synchronized online. After uploading an external file or creating a document inside the CRM system, it becomes instantly available to everyone in your office. You can make changes directly in the client card or open deal. Simultaneous access to documents saves time sending files to colleagues. Files are not lost and you always have the most up-to-date version at your fingertips.

All corporate information is now in one place. No more searching for documents on personal computers, flash drives or memory cards. You do not need to be physically present in the office to work. Access to files by login and password from a computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

What are you get:

Quick access and security

All your work files are always at hand. If a computer is changed or an employee quits, corporate documentation remains available to the company.

Employee efficiency

Don't waste time looking for, forwarding and updating versions of documents. All recent edits are stored in CRM and are available to all authorized users.

Documents without a statute of limitations

Store the entire history of documentation for each client and employee without restrictions, without worrying about disk space. Any data will be available years later.

Storing data in the cloud - modern and efficient

Implement the latest developments to optimize business processes and increase the efficiency of your enterprise. Cloud services in CRM - the ability to work without restrictions in the modern digital world.

  • Access to files without being tied to an office computer
  • No risk of data loss
  • Savings on equipment and maintenance
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