Order warehouse automation and cashier interface

  • Automatic accounting of orders and goods
  • Shop equipment management
  • Cashier interface
  • Accounting and control over the enterprise
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Automatic accounting of orders and goods

The module for automatic accounting of orders and goods is an indispensable tool for online stores, wholesalers and retailers. Basis CRM allows you to manage multiple outlets and warehouses in a single interface.

Warehouse automation reduces the time for placing orders and accounting for goods in stock. You can upload a list and description of goods from an xls, csv document or create a product directly in the system. During the acceptance of goods and posting, the balances are automatically tracked after the fact and taking into account the reserve. The functionality of external warehouses allows you to load leftovers from suppliers and form an assortment of goods.

According to the warehouse, it is possible to specify the minimum required balance of specific goods, and the program will generate a list for purchase. You can assign additional product markers (expiring date, illiquid, returns). Warehouse integration allows you to manage sales and ship goods in a couple of clicks. The manager can check the availability of an item before placing an order in a matter of seconds, and conduct a full inventory in a few minutes.

Shop equipment management

Basis CRM allows you to integrate any trade equipment - acquiring, label printer, barcode scanner, scales. Any sales receipts, waybills and acts of acceptance of goods are generated automatically after scanning the barcode.

Automation of work with trading equipment increases the speed of customer service. It is possible to introduce bonus programs and discounts on certain products. No need to change the product barcode to assign a discount. The system will automatically update the data at the point of sale, the cashier is already scanning the code with the new price.

Depending on the specifics of trading activities, POS monitors, data collection terminals, fiscal registrars and software cash registers can be connected. All data is synchronized and available to the manager, accountant, warehouse manager and other persons online.

Cashier interface

The work of a cashier or a salesperson is simplified by the integration of an intuitive interface. An employee can easily create a check and carry out standard cash transactions. The cashier can accept payment in cash and non-cash, arrange the return of goods. For access, you must enter your login and password (open and close the shift).

When scanning the product barcode, the cashier sees available promotions and discounts. If the store uses loyalty cards, information about the customer's bonuses will be displayed on the screen. To work, it is enough to install a POS-terminal or a tablet with Internet access. If the connection is unstable, the system pulls data from the browser cache.

The menu provides printing of cash and fiscal checks, choice of payment method, return of goods, work with weight goods. The deferred check feature allows you to process a sale while the customer continues to shop. You can set different taxation systems, currency for checks.

Accounting and control over the company

Automation of the warehouse and trading terminals allows the manager to always be aware of the work of the company or store. Analytics on current balances makes it possible to plan purchases in a timely manner and eliminate interruptions in the supply of goods. Detailed sales reports are available for each product, outlet, employee.

Accurate data helps you plan your assortment by removing slow-moving items. Customizable notifications about the expiration date of goods - timely implement selected items at a discount. Analytics by outlet and employee will allow you to see which store or manager brings the most profit.

Automation of the warehouse and trade protects both employees and customers from theft. An inventory of all warehouses and retail outlets is carried out in a few minutes without the need to close stores for inventory. Basis CRM allows you to automate the work of a warehouse and trade of any enterprise, regardless of the number of branches.

What are you get:

Warehouse under control

Keep records of accepted, sold, illiquid and returned goods. Take inventory, take into account balances and plan purchases in a couple of clicks.

Fast customer service

Connect modern retail equipment to serve customers even faster - POS-terminals, barcode scanners, label printers and acquiring.

Increase sales through analytics

Develop a business strategy based on accurate data. Daily reports on sales, cash flow and employee performance at your fingertips.

Automation of a point of sale in 1 day

Easy and efficient trade management from Basis CRM for offline and online business!

  • Warehouse and outlet management
  • All data in a single interface
  • Fast customer service
  • Abuse Protection
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