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  • Multi-channel notifications
  • Instant notifications across the database
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Multi-channel notifications

Customer alerts are the sales engine of many businesses. Notifying hundreds of people quickly about discounts, sales, order status, or shipping is a must to provide a high level of service. The larger the client base, the more difficult it is to find a universal way of informing - some prefer SMS, others read messages in instant messengers, and it is more convenient for others to receive an email.

Whichever notification method your customers prefer, you no longer have to choose. Basis CRM offers a universal solution - a smart multi-channel notification system. In the client card in CRM, it is necessary to indicate the preferred method of informing. Next, the manager creates a newsletter about an event and clicks the “Submit” button. The system itself determines the method of sending. Thus, all customers will receive an important notification, regardless of how they are used to receiving information.

The multi-channel notification system allows you to integrate CRM with SMS and email mailing services. In the corresponding menu, upon completion of the shipment, a delivery report is available. You can see how many customers opened the message. Separately, reports on failed deliveries are available (number is inactive, non-working email address, etc.)

Instant notifications across the database

Automatic alerts are sent in real time or on a scheduled basis. This means that regardless of the number of contacts in the database, all subscribers will receive a notification almost simultaneously. The automatic notification service allows you to save employees time - you no longer need to send personal letters to customers, the system will send a notification according to the template itself.

Flexible list option available. To send notifications to a specific category of customers, it is possible to export the contact list and upload it to the system to send a notification. The message delivery status is displayed in the client card.

The service of instant automatic notifications is a saving of working time for employees and company funds. The system allows you to talk to the customer instead of the seller. The advantage of notifications is that the client can read the message at a convenient time for him (during a break or after work). While a call from a sales manager during office hours can be perceived as an annoying factor.

Increasing customer loyalty

The introduction of an automatic notification system allows you to increase customer loyalty. Informing about the status of an order or delivery, changes in the work schedule, discounts, sales makes it possible to remind yourself and keep in touch with the client. Use the notification system to wish customers a happy birthday or holiday by offering special service conditions.

Automatic alerts can be used to receive feedback about products and services or a visit to an establishment. Send a customer a survey message to learn about their experience and improve the service. The integration of the chatbot into Telegram allows you to set up answers to frequently asked questions and advise clients around the clock, even when the office is closed.

The functionality of automatic alerts can be integrated with the loyalty program. The system will automatically inform the client about the availability of points or bonuses when their number reaches a certain level. It is possible to send notifications at specified intervals (every month, quarter or once a year).

Additionally, the ability to control the number of notifications is integrated. The client himself chooses how many messages he wants to receive and how often. If the service is no longer relevant, the recipient can unsubscribe - the corresponding marker will appear in the client card in CRM.

Single window and ready-made templates

After the first contact with the client, all information is recorded in CRM and supplemented as further contact is made. Regardless of the method of interaction (SMS, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Email), all sent messages are stored in the system.

The manager does not need to send messages from a personal phone, the correspondence will not be lost when an employee leaves. Anyone with access to the company's CRM can see the entire notification history from the first contact.

Creating message templates for each type of notification allows you to eliminate errors and the human factor. It is possible to create an unlimited number of templates for each stage of the sales funnel - informational, engaging, selling messages. For the management of the company, end-to-end analytics is available for all mailings and each channel separately.

What are you get:

Automation of communications with clients

Send notifications to new and regular customers without additional burden on the sales team. All messages in the client card, access 24/7.

Increasing sales and loyalty

Remind yourself, offer discounts and special conditions. 5 channels of digital alerts to increase efficiency and customer service.

Integration with many services

Choose a convenient SMS and email service to inform customers. Add a chatbot to automatically answer frequently asked questions.

Automatic notifications in 1 day

Basis CRM allows you to integrate many SMS services, email newsletters, chat bots in Viber and Telegram. Solutions are developed taking into account the specifics of your business.

  • Automation of communications with clients
  • Saving marketing budget and time
  • Company resource optimization
  • No additional training required
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