• IP telephony, cloud PBX
  • Pop-up customer card when calling
  • Tracking incoming and outgoing calls
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IP telephony, cloud PBX

Basis CRM is a comprehensive integration with over 100 IP telephony providers and virtual PBXs. Calling a customer in one click directly from the contact card and instant data synchronization gives limitless opportunities to the sales department. To receive calls, you need an IP phone or headphones with a headset on a working computer.

Integration of telephony into CRM allows you to see the entire history of calls to a client, create a deal after a call, track missed calls and get detailed statistics. Analyze the quality of customer service thanks to call recording. Viewing calls, filtering by periods will help you understand how the sales department copes with tasks. Thanks to the integration of telephony, you can track the effectiveness of online advertising by getting accurate data on the number of incoming calls.

If your business has a long decision-making cycle, integrating calls into CRM is an indispensable tool for effective sales. CRM records history from the first call. The manager and the leader see how much time is spent on a particular client to close the deal. Telephony integration addresses the important issue of data security and trade secrets. By making calls from CRM, and not from a personal mobile, there is less room for abuse. When an employee leaves, the entire history of negotiations with clients is no longer lost to the employer.

Pop-up customer card when calling

Pop-up customer card when calling

The integration of telephony with the CRM system allows you to automate the processing of calls from new and regular customers. During an incoming call, a client card pops up on the screen of the manager, which contains the entire history of transactions, purchases made, preferences and objections. Thanks to the card, the employee knows who is calling and can greet the customer by name.

During the conversation, the manager sees everything necessary for communication - the bill payment deadline, individual discounts, special conditions. You no longer need to memorize a lot of information about each client and keep detailed records. Fix everything in CRM right during the conversation. After the call ends, the system offers to set a new task (call back, send a commercial offer, make an appointment) or add data about the client's wishes to the card.

All changes are instantly synchronized and available to colleagues and management. This reduces the time for additional communication and questions about the current state of affairs. To check the status of a client, just open the card and get acquainted with the current data.

Tracking incoming and outgoing calls

Tracking, or calltracking is a modern tool for traffic control and advertising campaign management. With the help of tracking, a business owner can track how effective advertising channels are and control the budget. And the marketer sees the full picture of website conversions.

Virtual PBX integrated into Basis CRM records all incoming calls. Detailed analytics by traffic sources is available. Graphs and reports are generated in a convenient format for export. Track the total number of incoming and outgoing, the distribution of workload between subordinates and the efficiency of the use of working time.

Tracking outgoing calls gives an idea of the speed of response and the time it takes to process requests. Analyze and eliminate inefficient business processes with comprehensive statistics. Call recordings in CRM are useful for checking the quality of customer service. The best ones can be used as training materials for new employees. Flexible access to calls is possible - conversation records can be opened for a specific group of people.

What are you get:

Increasing ROI

Control the work of managers without additional expenses and turn 100% of incoming calls into company customers. Analyze calls at all stages of the sales funnel.

Conversion boost

Call tracking reveals inefficient employees and weaknesses in sales scripts. Work with cold calls and existing clients with equal ease.

Transparency and accountability

The integration of telephony into CRM eliminates the manipulation of employees. You have access to the entire history of calls and conversation recordings.

Telephony in CRM - increase sales today!

The integration of telephony into CRM simplifies the processing of incoming calls, work with outgoing calls, relieves employees of routine work. This saves time for managers and money for the head.

  • Many virtual PBXs
  • Remote integration in one day
  • One-click dialing
  • "Call back in 30 seconds" feature
  • Calls in mobile and desktop version
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